Thursday, April 21, 2011

they really do fall like snow

I never realized how much the seasons affect my mood and personality until this year. But then again, this was my first winter in Korea. All I wanted to do was sit in my heated apartment with my computer. But now that the weather is awesome and the world is a nice place to venture out into, I've been out hiking every day. EVERY DAY. For the past month. One of the things I will truly miss about Korea is having mountains across the street from my apartment. (Charleston: awesome beaches, awesome nightlife, awesome shopping, awesome food, awesome laid-back attitude, but mountains? Korea has you beat there!) So between hiking, parties and spring festivals I've had no time to sit down, which has been great for my life (not to mention my butt), but my online life has suffered. I have tons of pictures, but no time to upload them. However, today is a rain day. And if there's one thing Korea does not half-ass it on it's rain. So here I sit sharing some of the best shots of my quirky-gorgeous mountain town. The ubiquitous cherry blossoms and wild azaleas really class up the place. Enjoy!