Sunday, March 13, 2011

for the love of spring

Had the first semi-warm day of the year yesterday and I went hiking. You could see the happiness on everyone's faces on the trail. While it's still jacket weather for now, and the cherry blossoms have not appeared, I am jonesing for it bad. So here are some things I'm loving/wanting/needing/breathing that would easily make the transition into just-spring warmer weather.

some more achievable than others


  1. Serious! I hate when people don't let me have my complain-about-being-big-waisted-moment. They automatically assume if you have bird legs, you're a twig all over. No ma'am! I hide my belly pudge well...basically when I do get pregnant I won't have to buy any separate maternity clothes, I can just wear what I already have.

    gahh, missing Korea.....

  2. I actually just got done complaining about that! It's nice to know that there are others out there like me. We should band together and demand action! (And Korea is certainly a place to miss right now. Things are starting to bloom...)