Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have a longstanding debate with a Korean friend about eyelid surgery. (The debate being that she thinks it's a good idea and I think she's just nuts.) Here's my latest argument: if you could rock a look like these first two girls, why would you ever want to look like anything else?

I should insert a disclaimer here: I am not ethnically Asian, so really, my opinions don't matter. Also, I'm not necessary anti-plastic surgery, just the idea of eliminating a feature that is so distinctive of your race is an idea I find worrying. And it doesn't just stop at at eyelid surgery. Many of my friends tell me white skin, narrow faces, and "high" noses are also considered the standard of beauty here, all things that are distinctly not-naturally-attainable by most Asians.

Before I manage to inflame too many of my friends, I'll sign off with this final thought: I do understand the pressure to perfect your face. As image-conscious as we Americans complain that our society is, I never had to include a photo with my resume until I tried to get a job here.

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