Sunday, February 20, 2011

Memory lane takes an unexpected Northern turn

Fan of the lovely New York Times? Hate that Lib news rag? Doesn't matter. Check out this travel story slideshow about little, traditional restaurants in Northern France. While the food and beer is definitely not-so-French, the atmosphere and decor of the buildings (right down to all the fake flowers hanging on the wall) and towns remind me so much of my time in the mountains of Southern France. I almost teared up! Even the people, often older and not terribly skinny, are well-groomed, yet relaxed in that specifically French way. I can just see them digging into that shared slab of pate and cracking jokes with the waiters. While I have never been to Paris, I can tell you French small town folks know how to live. The food I had there was not unexpected or really original, but it was exquisitely prepared. The mushroom omelette I had was the creamiest, best one ever. Enjoy!

Also, I leave for Tokyo next week for the show. I'll have about 48 hours in the city, ten of them solely dedicated to the concert. Any thoughts on what are the must-see-and-do things are that I can cram into the rest of my time?

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