Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Snow Day

No matter what you do, falling snow looks like bad film grain, sigh.

My lotus, ginko leaf, and roses from my Valentine.

We woke up to a ton of unexpected snow. I got ready before my boss called and said no work today, which is just as well. This way I get to enjoy the views, drink hot beverages, hang out with the boyfriend and watch my neighbor nuns make a snowman and not have to show the world my uninspiring outfit today. My only regret, my hair turned out to be kind of messy-perfect today, in that only-a-just-wet-enough-snowy-winter-morning kind of way, like this. I love Into the Gloss. It has great ideas for hair and makeup.

We actually chose this part of Korea because it doesn't get a lot of snow. I think of winter weather as something that should be an occasional treat, not something to be sick of for months. So far, our plan has worked out nicely.

BTW, we just booked tickets to this show. I can't properly express my feelings in text, so please see here. The only thing that could make it more perfect would be if cherry blossom season came two weeks early...

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